I am using the self-portrait as space for expressing integrity, or more precisely, the identities of a woman in different roles of her life, how she is in reality and how she wants to appear in the photographs, which images she posts on certain social media platforms and the impact of the Internet on representing ourselves.
With this project, I am questioning the powers of the representation of female uniqueness. 
Both as a photographer and the subjects of my images, I raise questions about self-conception and women. I have used Photography as a concept to face the theme of identity and how we see ourselves as a person as well in relation to others.
Over the past year, COVID-19 has created an unprecedented crisis on a global scale, and most of the time, we have lived in lockdown and self-isolation. These circumstances have particularly inspired me for my identity project. Confinement, solitude, living alone and far from my family, everything in life being slower and having had more time to think and look have made me redefine myself and my selfness, my interests, my aspirations, forgotten hobbies, neglected passions, my studies, my abandoned self because of the frantic pace of life and overwork.
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