I was born in Serbia, then Yugoslavia, in 1989. Thanks to my grandfather, an accomplished photographer, I was introduced to the world of photography at a very young age.  A seventy-year-old family tradition has deeply haunted my craving for photography almost all my life. I remember being introduced to photographic processes, negative processing and printing in my grandfather`s photo lab. The darkroom, the black and white photos drying on the rope, safelight have conjured up the deep nostalgia and excitement of my unfathomable imagination ever since.
At the age of fourteen I left my parents’ house and moved alone to Belgrade equipped with Canon A1, the most precious family gift. At high school I kept my photo diary rich of new people, streets, sufferings and joy one teenager could experience and encounter. My interest in portraiture and capturing people’s emotions and personality began at that point of my life.
Although I thought I would never have put my camera away, I challenged myself and moved to Italy after philology high school, where I graduated from Foreign Languages and Literature at University of Verona.
I find photography and languages the two most important and interwoven mediums to get closer to people, to approach the unknown and to build strong relationships.
Empowered by in-depth knowledge of five languages and high ability to adapt to culturally diverse settings, at the age of 26, I decided to move to Ireland to pursue my photography career. In Dublin I have studied at The Photography Academy of Ireland.
I have interned as Photography assistant to Dublin based photographer Abigail Denniston.
My love and interest in photography have become even stronger with the years living in different countries and with the deep knowledge I have achieved in literature, cinematography, fashion and history of art.
I am based in Dublin and I specialise in portraiture, fashion and documentary photography.

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