The Launch Day 18/11/2023
GRAPHIC DESIGN STUDIO and the exceptional work by Eoin Keith!¬†ūüĖ§ūüíõ
Printing for my Exhibition with
Creative intentions for the exhibition...
I am exhibiting the¬†photographic work representing the theme of indoor tanning entitled, ‚ÄėPeople Tanning. Tanners' Stories of All Ages‚Äô.
It is part of a portfolio of documentary photography project about positive sides of people tanning in the inviting and welcoming tanning salons in Dublin. This is a personal photography project which consists of Eleven visual Tanning Stories. 
In my practice, I utilized a combination of portrait, fashion and documentary photography to express the theme of tanning and explore the effects of tanning and physical appearance on our self-esteem and self-confidence.
Tanning Salon, Sallynoggin
Tanning Salon, Sallynoggin
Tanning Salon, Sallynoggin
Tanning Salon, Sallynoggin

Tanning Story 4

I believe this project exemplifies a unique and original contemporary photography project as well as the chosen topic. I have applied the experimental methodology and techniques, while exploring the intimate space of tanning rooms where I carried out eleven engaging photoshoots in a real location.
Tanning Salon, Sallynoggin
Tanning Salon, Sallynoggin

Tanning Story 8

 As a photographer, I connected with my subjects so as to convey eye-catching visual stories and had full freedom to create compelling images of people enjoying sunbeds. I am going to exhibit the results of this artistic collaboration and fruitful relationship between me and my sitters. 

Tanning Story 1

Location for my exhibition is the newly opened tanning salon in Sallynoggin, in D√ļn Laoghaire‚ÄďRathdown county. This tremendous indoor exhibition space will considerably help me turn my ideas into reality.
The suitable exhibition environment will undoubtedly contribute to a successfully conveyed story and message to my intended audience. I believe that it is going to be an extremely engaging experience for a visitor to see the portrait images shot in the same location where they actually are, surrounded by sunbeds in a tanning shop. I truly find this experience entertaining and amusing.

Tanning Story 10

I would like to emphasize the importance of the relationship between my photographic work and the chosen space for the exhibition. The indoor tanning environment and the size of the overall space including each tanning room, inviting, attention-grabbing scenery, atmospheric neon lights from the bulbs emitting UVA and UVB lights and loud music from the sunbeds are some of the most critical reasons why the newly open tanning shop in Sallynoggin is a brilliant space to display my project. 

Tanning Story 11

As if the attendees and visitors were entering the sunny, entrancing and pleasant tanning world from the images displayed.
This relationship between my work and my ideas for the exhibition is determining, as well as the link between images, space, music and visitors. 
My Tanning Stories are thematically separated by different rooms. I am taking into consideration the size of all eleven tanning rooms, how easy it is to access and park for my visitors.
Story 1, Sunroom 1
In each room three images will be displayed. Thirty-three photographs in eleven sunrooms excluding the spacious Hallway and Internet Cafe area. 

Printed Board Consisting of Selected Images for Eleven Sunrooms

Story 2, Sunroom 2
The work gives the viewer reasons why people enjoy tanning. Through visual Tanning Stories, I want to take the viewer on a journey that captures pleasurable enjoyment of tanning and its numerous benefits such as looking and feeling better, healthful red light exposure, getting vitamin D and treating psoriasis, acne and other skin conditions. Hence, the vibrant, colourful imagery printed on big posters will reflect the positive aspect of tanning beds.
Story 3, Sunroom 3
The inspirations that guided and influenced my body of work... 
Living in Ireland and the lack of sunshine, as well as the inviting and popular tanning culture in the country are the main influences for this body of work and the exhibition. Fascination with ourselves, taking selfies, trying to look attractive and taking particular care of how we look like are also of great inspiration to me.
Story 4, Sunroom 4
I also attempt to transmit the¬†fast-paced world we live in, the importance of ‚Äėme time‚Äô and taking time for ourselves. In this exhibition, I also address the culture and an age of self-obsession we live in.¬†
Everywhere we look, we encounter a preoccupation with self-interest, self-love, self-image, self-satisfaction, self-expression and self-confidence. 
Story 5, Sunroom 5
The methods and techniques I use are critical in my body of work. The choice of medium and process contributes to the way I intend to organize the exhibition. I chose to display photographic portraits large-scale and hang large-scale prints in the tanning environment. 
Story 6, Sunroom 6
All the photographs I have shot and selected for publication are set against extraordinarily bright backgrounds which are strong tanning bulbs. This allowed me to obtain a sharp and concentrated focus on all eleven subjects.  
Story 7, Sunroom 7
Semiotics and context play a key role in my project in order to transmit intended meanings and have a clear idea of my own visual narrative. In my development as a photographer I have aimed to meet my intentions and transmit authentic message in the upcoming exhibition. 
Story 8, Sunroom 8
Moreover, I am satisfied that I chose the theme of Indoor Tanning. I decided to work on the subject matter because I thought it was one of the most engaging and original themes concerning the self-image and representation. I was intrigued by tanning matter because I couldn’t find any other similar project done and this gave me an opportunity to create a unique portrait project.
Story 9, Sunroom 9
Therefore, I was inspired to do something which was unusual and new to me as well, in which I would be able to show that I could be challenged in many ways as an artist and photographer.
Story 10, Sunroom 10
From audio-visual techniques to carefully curated displays, the exhibition will provide a blazing and dazzling journey through the world of Indoor Tanning.
Story 11, Sunroom 11
I have created a mockup of my exhibition to help visualise my intentions.
The choice of the location space is determining in order to manifest my exhibition ideas effectively, as well as the theme of the project. I believe that exhibiting my work in different rooms of a tanning shop is a brilliant idea. There are innumerable perks and benefits of the selected venue. It is not only about the location and the spacious size of the store, but also the fact that tanning environment perfectly suits my exhibition theme and concepts. The solariums inside will help my images stand out and improve the overall exhibition experience for the visitors. For instance, the salon in Sallynoggin has on-site internet café, free parking and easy access via train (Glenageary DART Station, Dalkey DART Station). 

Hello Bank Holiday, the 7th of August. 

I have carefully considered the most efficient project and event management strategies for curating my exhibition. The meticulously created WORKFLOW will help me clarify what I need to do in the next three months and will keep me on track as I progress.

Clearly defined objectives will guide my creative and managerial approach, as well as the way I intend to advertise and who to invite to the vernissage and exhibition opening. 

It has been a productive Bank Holiday weekend so far. The critical task was completed yesterday. 

Have a great Monday, everyone! 

The brand new tanning salon in Sallynoggin. Sunny August 2023 in Ireland! 

A short history of tanning. I made this board when I initially started developing the ideas for the project. 

Labeling Photographs

Framing and Mounting
 Wall mounted poster snap frames are already fixed on the walls at the Sallynoggin Tanning Salon! This big task has been completed today! Phew! It has been a challenging week so far. Lots of wall fixings and organizing frame sizes in each sunroom, as well as the spacious Reception area. The four frame profiles clip open easily with the use of internal spring hinges.  I have chosen silver snap frames for my photographs because they foster a unique, stylish feel. I am very much looking forward to displaying my images in a range of sizes: A0, A1, A2 and A3.
Lighting for Exhibition 
The ceiling - mounted Recessed lighting is a fixed part of my exhibition space and stand design, installed and positioned in the ceiling above the snap frames, downlighting my photographs.
Media Services Agreement - GOLD WOLF FILM 

Tanning Story 4

11 Model Release Forms 
Organization and Selection of Photos for Web and Printing

Printing with,  a print company specialising in personalised prints, business print & graphic design.

Tanning Story 9

The Installation and Audio Visual Techniques
My work requires sunbeds as the crucial installation equipment. These electrical ‚Äėspaceships‚Äô will
act as audio-visual equipment because they produce music and engaging neon lights. Basically,
in each tanning room where my photographs will be displayed there will be a tanning bed and
when the attendees would enter the room they will be interacting with the imagery world by
selecting a song from a playlist integrated within tanning bed. This will be an interactive
exhibition experience which demonstrates the joyful, musical side of relaxing tanning sessions.
Placing my photos into snap frames!
A2 Frame
A2 Frame
A2 Frame
A2 Frame
The Exhibition Environment: Atmospheric Sounds - My Ultimate Playlist - Tanning, Music and Photography
Tanners’ Quotes Accompanied by Each Tanning Story
Tanning-themed props from the images will be on display as well! Experience an unforgettable engaging theatrical element with numerous props attributed to eleven sunrooms. While you’re viewing the exhibition 'People Tanning. Tanners' Stories of All Ages.', enjoy a glass of Prosecco and listening to some good tunes. The Exhibition Playlist is ready! 
Props, Story 1
Props, Story 1
Props, Story 3
Props, Story 3
Props, Story 11
Props, Story 11
Story 11
Story 11
Props, Story 8
Props, Story 8
Story 10
Story 10
Props, Story 10
Props, Story 10

Props for Eleven Sunrooms and Tanning Stories have been meticulously selected and organized, ready to adorn the rooms and sunbeds for the visitors.

Hair Rollers, Sunroom 1
Hair Rollers, Sunroom 1
Hair Rollers, Story 1
Hair Rollers, Story 1
Exhibition Invitations are Ready!
The power of physical marketing material in exhibition advertising. 
My Business Cards
Important Delivery! Pull Up Banners just arrived! Time to celebrate! Lots of coffee needed! :)
My Photographs are ready for Display! I have received A3, A2, A1 and A0 prints and organized images for the Exhibition Opening: 
Organization of Artwork

A3 Prints, Artist Statement, Exhibition Map

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